Monday 25 June 2012

Belly Button

resistemptations:Morning Yoga!! I do this every morning and...

resistemptations:Morning Yoga!! I do this every morning and sometimes before or after a workout. It’s easy, but in the morning it’s a great pick me up and boosts your metabolism!!1: Mountain Pose - Stand straight with your feet turned in slightly, big toes nearly touching, and your inner thighs pressed together. to work the core, squeeze your belly button toward your spine. Roll your shoulders up and back. Then bring your hands together in front of your sternum. Slightly lower your chin.2. Warrior 3 - From a standing position, find a spot in front of you to focus on. As you bend forward at the waist, pressing your chest out, lift your right leg behind you. To balance, press down through the heel of your left leg. Work toward lifting your leg high enough to create a 90-degree angle.3. Half-Plank Pose - After putting your right leg on the ground, lower your body down slowly into a pushup position with your elbows bent. Make sure to align your shoulders directly over your hands and keep your feet hip width apart. To work the core (and get your body bikini ready!), focus on keeping your hips at the same level as your shoulders by pulling your belly button in toward your spine.4. Downward Facing Dog - From half plank, straighten your elbows and lift hips until your body forms a triangle. Keep a slight bend in elbows to avoid hyperextension. Lower your heels to stretch out the muscles in the back of your legs. ** My own tip: to get proper form make sure your ears are aligned with your biceps, your tail bone is reaching to the sky, and your pulling your chest towrds your toes. **5. Warrior 1 - While in downward dog, walk your feet toward your hands to return to standing. Step your left foot back so your toes point slightly forward. Bend your right knee, keeping it even with your ankle. Keep your hips and torso squared forward and raise your arms at a 45-degree angle in front of you.6. Warrior 2 - Transition from Warrior 1 by bringing both arms down without bending your elbows. Extend one directly in front of you and another directly behind you so your arms are about parallel to the floor. Rotate your hips to the left. To work your core, pull belly button in toward your spine, making a slight scoop with your pelvis. Do not bend knees more than 90-degrees or past your toes to prevent knee injury.7. Triangle - From Warrior 2, straighten your right leg while reaching your right arm as far toward the floor as you can, tilting your hips left. At the same time, bring your left arm directly above your head. Look up toward your raised arm. It should be almost as if your body could fit in between two panes of glass.8. Extended Side Angle - After triangle, straighten up into Warrior 2 by bending the knee of your right leg, keeping it in line with your ankle. Then, bend the elbow od your right arm and place on your thigh. Reach your left arm over your head, creating one long line with that side of your body.9. Revolved Extended Side Angle - Move from Extended Side Angle position into a forward lunge, placing your left knee on the floor. With your right leg forward, bring your left arm in front of your right leg - pushing your tricep back against the knee. Bend the elbow of your right arm and press hands together in front of you. As you twist your torso toward your right thigh, pull your belly button in and up to engage your core. Then look over your right shoulder. You should feel a stretch along your back. 10. Wide-Legged Forward Bend - Come into a standing position with your feet parallel, wider than hip-distance apart. Bring your hands behind you and interlace the fingers. Slowly bend forward at the waist. To achieve proper alignment, try to keep as little weight in the heels as possibleHold each move for 10 to 15 breaths (about 30 seconds) then repeat again on the other side. Good luck, and happy yoga :) read more..

Friday 15 June 2012

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre-Buddhism For Beginners-Barnes And Noble-Ashtanga Yoga

do you know any good books to learn more about yoga? and buddhism too? thank you

I don’t have any books on Buddhism and do most of my reading/studying online. But here’s a few things that might help. I once sat in Barnes and Noble for a while skimming through Yoga books to see which one’s I’d want to be at some point (when I had money) and a few of them are here.

  • Beth Shaw’s Yogafit (new YTT students have to have it. I have it and like it.)
  • Om Yoga: A guide to daily practice - by Cyndi Lee
  • Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual - by David Swenson
  • Yoga: 101 Essential Tips - by Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
  • Buddhism for Beginners - by Thubten Chodron
read more..

Thursday 14 June 2012

Weight Loss

First of all, thank you, you're an inspiration and you're so beautiful :) Anyway, I started eating healthy lately but I don't really work out, just 1-2 times a week (sit ups, hoops and a bit of yoga). I lost some weight though and I noticed that my tummy seemed to jiggle more than usual and it's kinda like.. jelly? Is this good or bad? Or is it just a part of weight loss? I hope you have a great d

Aw thank you so much! I’m glad that you have started eating healthy and that is even a great start for exercise. You’re doing something, and that’s what counts! I assume that is part of your Weight Loss. It likely that it’s the extra skin on the outside that hasn’t shrunk along with the fat that has been lost beneath it. You’re doing great (: And thank you! I hope you do as well, wherever you are (: read more..

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Meditation Training-Gender Equality-Healthday News-Brain Changes-Global Poll

'Mindful' Meditation Tied to Healthy Brain Changes: Study

TUESDAY, June 12 (Healthday News) -- Just a few hours of meditation training may change your brain for the better, a small, new study suggests. read more..

Canada best G20 country to be a woman, India worst: poll

LONDON, June 13 (TrustLaw) - Policies that promote gender equality, safeguards against violence and exploitation and access to healthcare make Canada the best place to be a woman among the world's biggest economies, a global poll of experts showed on Wednesday. Infanticide, child marriage and slavery make India the worst, the same poll concluded. Germany, Britain, Australia and France rounded out the top five countries out of the Group of 20 in a perceptions poll of 370 gender specialists conducted by TrustLaw, a legal news service run by Thomson Reuters Foundation. ... read more..

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Yoga For Beginners-Restorative Yoga-Yoga Workout-Hatha Yoga-Yoga Class

healthiie:Neck "ShouldersHatha Yoga for Neck and...

healthiie:Neck & Shoulders

  • Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Health - 57 Min
  • Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Tension and Injuries - 14 Min
  • Feel Good Friday: Yoga for Neck & Shoulders - 14 Min
  • Back to School Shoulder Stretches - Yoga Sequence - 6 Min
  • Yoga for Your Shoulders 10 Minute Workout Routine - 10 Min
  • Beginners’ Yoga for Shoulder Strength with Melissa McLeod - 22 Min
  • Yoga Workout Beginners Home Chest & Shoulders Exercise Routine How To - 11 Min
  • Yoga for Heart Opening - 10 Min
  • Heart Opening 30 Min Yoga Class - 31 Min
  • Heart Chakra Yoga Sequence - 10 Min
  • Yoga for Firm and Shapely Arms and Shoulders - 9 Min
  • Arm Yoga Workout - 4 Min
  • Total Body Transformation Yoga: Hips and Arms - 11 Min
  • Yoga For Arm Strength: Part One (8Min) & Part Two (2 Min)
  • Yoga For Guitar Players — Arms, Wrists, and Fingers - 8 Min
  • Yoga for Back Strength - 7 Min
  • Yin Yoga for the Spine - 60 Min
  • Restorative Yoga For Back - Restoraflow - 40 Min
  • Yoga for Back Care - 15 Min
  • Yoga Workout | Low Back Pain Stretches Routine - 10 Min
  • Yoga for your back - 19 Min
  • Lower Back Relief - 17 Min
  • Yoga 4 Abs with Gillian B & Sebastian - 10 Min
  • Yoga for Abs and Core Strength - 8 Min
  • Yoga Abs Workout - 10 Min
  • Iron Yoga Abs & Closing Stretches - 15 Min (Note: Includes weights. If you dont have weights, use a can from the pantry or something similar.)
  • Yoga to Build Strong Abs - 7 Min
  • Hip Opening Yoga - 45 Min
  • Yoga Flow Hip Openers - 14 Min
  • Wall Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings - 12 Min
  • Yoga for Hip Pain and Stiffness - 17 Min
  • Butt, Hips & Thighs Warm up - 7 Min
  • Yoga Mania: Move those hips! - 12 Min
  • Office Yoga: Hip Release - 10 Min
  • Yoga for your Butt - 6 Min
  • Yoga Tone your Butt and Thighs - 4 Min
  • Denise Austin: Yoga Legs Workout - 10 Min
  • Gentle Yoga for Tight Legs and Hips - 20 Min
  • Yoga for Sexy Legs - 6 Min
  • Sleek Yoga Legs - 4 Min
Full Body/Full Classes:
  • Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1 - 35 Min
  • Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout - 20 Min
  • Yoga for Weight Loss - 20 Min
  • Yoga for Runners - 26 Min
  • Foundations in Flow Yoga Class with Fiji McAlpine - 48 Min
  • Connections to Core Power Yoga Class with Fiji McAlpine - 57 Min
  • Energizing Sunrise Practice - 38 Min
  • Power Yoga with Bryan Jones - 31 Min
  • Yoga Class with Logynn Northrhip  - 60 Min
  • Yoga Basics to Improve Alignment - 62 Min
  • Yoga for Beginners Two with Dr. Melissa West - 60 Min
  • Intermediate/Beginner: Lunch Time Yoga Class - 45 Min
Enjoy :) read more..

Fitness Instructor-Cleveland Marathon-Indoor Cycling-Annie Lennox-Mindfulness

'Mindfulness' grows in popularity _ and profits

In what's become a daily ritual, Tim Ryan finds a quiet spot, closes his eyes, clears his mind and tries to tap into the eternal calm. In Ryan's world, it's a stretch for people to get this relaxed. He's a member of Congress. read more..

Fitness playlists flow to the beats per minutes

NEW YORK (Reuters) - When fitness instructor Shirley Archer plays Annie Lennox's song "17 Again" for her indoor cycling class, she urges students to connect with the vitality of their inner 17-year-old legs. When she teaches yoga she rolls out the harp solos. Experts say exercising to the proper music can boost your mood, kick your workout up a notch and channel the energy of a younger you. "Fitness playlists are extremely important," said Archer, who is also a spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise. ... read more..

Sunday 10 June 2012

Yoga For Beginners-Absolute Beginners-Beginners Yoga

What yoga poses and/or yoga videos would you recommend for absolute beginners? :)

Here’s a list of beginners Yoga videos on the bottom of my Yoga for Beginners page (: I think it all depends on each person and abilities but those are some basic videos. Sun Salutations are good as well! read more..

Saturday 9 June 2012

yogadinosaur: odolnost: Practiced some sweaty core based yoga...

yogadinosaur:odolnost:Practiced some sweaty core based yoga...

yogadinosaur:odolnost:Practiced some sweaty core based yoga this afternoon. I think my core might be my favorite part of my body to challenge and make stronger.I swear these are all of my favorite poses. P.S. your scrunchie is cute kayla :)Why are you so amazing? read more..

Tuesday 5 June 2012


Hello! I am 17 and trying to fit working out and yoga into my busy daily activities, I was just wondering if you could possibly post a workout/yoga routine that is efficient? I think that your blog is refreshing and inspiring- thank you!

Hello! I’m not too sure what you’re looking for but I’ll link you to a few videos on my blog. We all prefer different exercises and different amounts of reps so I’m not sure I can really post a specific Routine. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll get an easy at home routine set up and will post it. Right now my brain isn’t functioning as clearly as I’d like. 

  • Cardio Yoga
  • Sun Salutations
  • 15 Minute Morning Energizing Yoga Routine
  • World’s Fastest Workout
  • Spring Break workout, that of course can be applied daily still.
  • A few ab workouts in a chart
And if you ever want to go and find this stuff on my blog, here’s the pages. You can find everything in the Index page! (:
  • Page of videos
  • Workouts page
  • Videos page (some yoga, some workout, and other stuff)
Yoga page read more..

Monday 4 June 2012

Sunday Night Blues-Yoga Moves-Headaches-Insomnia

If you get the Sunday night blues, try these 3 yoga moves to ease insomnia, head...

If you get the Sunday night blues, try these 3 yoga moves to ease insomnia, headaches, and stress.,,20307153,00.html read more..

yoga-body:sexylittlethingsxx:Finally tried on a bikini! This...

yoga-body:sexylittlethingsxx:Finally tried on a bikini! This is what happens when you lift weights! Don’t be afraid ladies.Work in progress. Cant wait to see the changes in the months to come. Yeah, lifting weight def makes you bulky …. xD read more..

Dream Board-Motivation

losing-every-extra-pound:How to Stay Motivated“you cannot...

losing-every-extra-pound:How to Stay Motivated
“you cannot ‘find’ motivation, you must create it!” - yoga-body 50 Ways to Stay Motivated for Weight LossHow to Stay Motivated to Exercise
12 Ways to Get Motivated
Staying Motivated to Lose Weight
More Articles about MotivationTake it One Day at a Time
Don’t worry about tomorrow, focus on today. Focus on eating right for today, make it your goal for the day, and repeat it tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that. Surround Yourself with Positivity 
“Change your thoughts, and you change your world”, it’s really true. Think you can, and you can do anything. Think positive, breathe positive, live positive, be positive as much as possible. Focus on the solution, rather than the problem. Surround yourself with good people, good food (food that’s good for you), and good thoughts.
Create a Dream Board 
Bring your dreams to life. Look at them every day. Never lose sight of what you want. Fill it with your favourite quotes and pictures to inspire you. How to Make a Dream Board
Digital Dream Board
Create a Dream Board Visualize Accomplishing your Goals
If your goal is to lose weight, create a mental picture of yourself having already achieved it. What will you look like, feel like, and move like when you have accomplished that goal? Living as if you are already there makes realizing your vision something you focus on daily.  Make Realistic Goals
Ask yourself what you want. What do you want from life? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to be? And make realistic goals. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream body, it just means realizing that it won’t happened overnight. Make S.M.A.R.T goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Time-bound goals. SMART Criteria
Example of SMART goal Reward Yourself, Be Kind to Yourself & Recognize your Progress
When you know you have been good to your body, treat yourself! Find a reward that inspires you- a new pair of sneakers or workout outfit, a new music CD for your walk or pamper your feet with a pedicure for all of your efforts. Give yourself a hug once in awhile! Train hard, eat right, sleep well, but once a week, allow yourself an indulgence. Enjoy your favorite dessert, get a massage, or simply take some time for yourself to relax.
It’s Okay to Cheat!
Once in a while, cheating will keep you on track! Planning a cheat, whether it’s a snack, a meal, a weekend or a week vacation, can make all the difference in the world. Allowing yourself a little “controlled” wiggle room, you can avoid falling off the wagon. And once your “cheat” is done, go right back to your plan.
Forget about the Scale 
Focus on how you’re life is changing, on how you feel. Focus on how you’ve changed. Focus on the inches lost, the muscle gained. Focus on how much better you’re becoming and how much you’re gaining. Alternatively, weigh yourself once a week, or even once a month. Measure your entire body monthly as well. Take one picture of yourself daily in the same outfit for the duration of your journey. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
Focus on yourself, on creating the best you possible. Remember that everyone is different, everyone has their own experiences, and their own unique imperfections. Different people are at different stages at different times. Comparing yourself to others can lead to bitterness, anger, jealousy, envy and even unhealthy competition.
How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People
Learning to Live: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others read more..