Sunday 5 August 2012

Flexibility-The Yoga

Hi! I'm fairly new to the yoga scene, but I'm looking to make it a serious part of my life :). Although I know this isn't the point of yoga, I love the flexibility that comes with it. That GIF with the yellow pants is amazing; I'd love to be like that! But...I'm already 20 years old :( is it too late to be that flexible through yoga?

I love the flexibility aspect of it as well. I think it’s okay to like certain parts of it. You might start for one reason but begin to enjoy it for many more (: Ah, me too! She’s amazing. No way, it’s never too late! I think it’s a great time to start, really. (: Start practicing daily or every other day, stretch every morning and/or evening, you can definitely do it! read more..

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