Monday 9 July 2012

Sebastien Gendry-Laughter Yoga-Pilates Yoga-Aerial Yoga

Laughing yoga cultivates merry mindfulness
Members of the Laughter Yoga club practise laughing during morning exercise at a public park in Hanoi

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Can't touch your toes? Laugh it off. Laughter yoga, unlike Pilates yoga, water yoga, aerial yoga and other offshoots of the ancient eastern practice of uniting body and breath, doesn't aspire to sculpted arms and bendy backs. Laughter yoga just wants you to be happy. "You may not lose fat, but you will lose the idea that you're fat," said Sebastien Gendry, founder and executive director of the American School of Laughter Yoga. "People come because it's the exercise they can do and it makes them feel good," said Gendry, who founded the school in 2004. ... read more..

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