Friday, 6 July 2012

Exciting News

So you guys I have exciting news. Actually, I think I already told you that I got my license but the...

So you guys I have exciting news. Actually, I think I already told you that I got my license but the exciting part is that I can go to the gym whenever I want (when the car is here) and don’t have to rely on my mom to pick me up. I like to work out at night and she goes to bed around 8-9pm so now I can go while she’s asleep. Weewwwww. I need to get used to the gym quick so I don’t look like such a fool trying to pick a machine, and trying to figure out how it works lql. And I don’t think I told you guys that I’m moving (again) to a nicer area close to where I lived a bit over a year ago before moving here. The neighborhood is quiet and nice and there is cats everywhere (weeeee I LOVE cats) and I’m going to start roller blading again and probably not skateboarding again because I was never that great and won’t want to do that alone. But I will be buying a bike and will ride it around a lot. Since it’s such a nice area and it’s summer I’m going to try to go to bed early and get up earlier so I can go do these things early before it’s too hot. And I’ll spend a lot of time gardening and tending to the plans and doing yoga outside (because I’ll actually have a nice and more private yard) and I can do all of my reading outside in between the trees. I’ll take photos when I move there if anyone wants to see but I am excited about that.The escrow stuff should be done within a few days and we’ll be moving in a few weeks so I’ve got to really start packing. I only have one box of movies and books packed but I bought 6 books recently so those need to go somewhere, too haha. But yeah I’ll have lotsa activities to doooo!I should go do something productive, like pack I guess. If anyone wants to chit chat feel free to message me! Or you can add me on facebook I suppose, I am friends with internet friends on there. Just let me know if you add me, my link is in my personal blog and the link to that… I think it shows my icon in front of my icon so yeah. read more..

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