Sunday 5 August 2012


best yoga poses to increase flexibility? and some challenging yoga poses for who want to get out of the 'beginner category'? pleaseee.

There’s a lot of poses that you can do to increase flexibility in so many different places of your body. I used to do poses from this video to gain flexibility in my hamstrings and calves. The laying pose with the scarf I did daily. Camel pose is my favorite for back flexibility. Here’s a video on opening your shoulders and gaining flexibility there. Here’s a list that I made for opening your hips.Beginner category… Hm. I’m not entirely sure where exactly you’re at or how to answer this since there are so many different ways I could go with this. Like you could be looking for poses with more flexibility or that are a lot more difficult, like inversions. Or you’re just looking for a more regular practice. I think maybe go on youtube and go through some Tara Stiles videos and find which one’s you enjoy most and what poses that you really like! Sorry I couldn’t help you more here (: read more..

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