Monday 2 January 2012

Effects Of Soft Drinks-Daily Routine-Side Effects

ALL ABOUT CARBONATED DRINKS??......Taking soft drinks have become our daily rout...

ALL ABOUT CARBONATED DRINKS??......Taking soft drinks have become our daily routine without considering their side effects. Carbonated or so called soft drinks have become a part of our diet to such an extent that for many, a meal or a snack without a soft drink is unthinkable. Although soft drinks may provide instant refreshment, they are very harmful to our bodies. A carbonated drink is nothing more than a toxic brew of colouring agents and chemicals with no nutritive value. A regular bottle contains an equivalent of 11 teaspoons of sugar and excessive consumption can lead to increased triglyceride (fat) formation and decreased glucose tolerance, either of which may cause diabetes. A regular can of a soft drink contains 45 milligrams of caffeine and can lead to a dependence on the substance. These drinks have a pH of 3,4 (acidic), which is strong enough to dissolve your teeth and intestinal linings. For habitual drinkers, the risk of bone fractures increases by three to four times and in the long run may even cause osteoporosis. Considering all harmful effects of soft drinks, it only makes sense to switch over to healthier substitutes such as water, fresh juices, flavoured milk, lemon water and green tea. read more..

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